Blogs used to be mostly used as journals or diaries without the intention of making sales. Recently professional bloggers make a lot of money using blogs. Blogs are easy to create, and many artists have used their platforms to reach millions of people, they are so many benefits of having a blog if you are an artist. See the discussions on why artists should have a blog on Britain reviews. These steps will help you start your very own art blog.

  • There are different styles of creating art, some people paint with charcoal while others use recycled items and oil paint there’s also the calligraphy and photography niches. You have to know your niche so that you can direct the right audience to your blog. This will help in optimizing your blog. Another importance of narrowing down to the style you are passionate about is to answer any question related to that art style. You will have to write some content from time to time in your blog, so pick something you have a vast knowledge of.
  • Picking a good blog name is very important. You can use a blog name generator to do this. You should know that You should also use your blog name for social media for more optimization. Get a camera or a good phone to take pictures for your blog.
  • There are many blog creating websites. Websites like WordPress, BlogSpot, Wix, and medium all have their pros and cons. Pick which one best suits your style. After creating your website, you will have to post engaging content in write-ups and experiences. You can post the process of creating your art and bring traffic and share other people’s work in the form of guest posting. There are also other ways to make money with art blogging apart from selling your art, like affiliate marketing and promotions.


The Internet can be really scary, but it is a great way for entrepreneurs to kick their businesses. These are the reasons why you should publish your art on the Internet.

  • Publishing your art on the Internet will help you reach many more people than you would have if you do not publish it. You can meet other artists and network with professionals in your field to grow as an artist.
  • When you post your art on the Internet, you get to explain what your art is about. This will also prevent you from being lazy if you’re the type that posts the step by step process of a particular art project.
  • Internet posts will help you boost your sales. There are a lot of people who sell their art online successfully, and you can also do this. Social media has business accounts that will help you monitor your business growth, while blogging also has a long reach to customers.

It is necessary to get a good source of fast Internet while blogging. A good way of achieving this is using fibre broadband click on Tips for picking a good fibre broadband to know how to get the best deals.