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Ronald W. Singer, MD

Musicians in bands might play clubs and bars while they attempt to build enough followers to get a recording contract or representation by an agent. In their repertoire, the seven musicians include largely pre-conflict songs that amused people so much 80 years in the past throughout dancing parties and varieties as well as on the streets and within the yards of Warsaw. She is going to sing the composition of the well-known Jewish singer of pre-warfare Warsaw, resembling Tango Notturno,” Three Letters” and La ve en rose.” Monika Chrząstkowska has been gifted with a strong, deep voice and lyrical temperament, thus her stunning performances of Jewish ballads and atmosphere compositions in jazz association.

The German accent of the live performance will be the efficiency of Christian Dawid, the world class German clarinet participant representing Jap European development in Yiddish music. Company of the thirteenth Singer’s Warsaw Fesival can anticipate for a very distinctive concert! Their music is an ambiance fusion of the Jewish music sung in Greek, jazz, metaphysical vocalizations that originated in Asia as well as instrumental virtuoso bursting with cultural references – that is what Sefardix trio means.

A highly eclectic and proficient jazz guitarist and composer, Francesco …