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Classic Music Firm

Since 1963 Edwards Music company has been musicians selling to musicians, future musicians, mother and father of musicians, music directors, and all with a need to make music. Once your music is signed to a writer they assume the task of pitching the tune and finding places to pitch to. and second, not like a report label or artist who will let the song go stale after their want for it ends, a music publisher will continue to pitch it for the lifetime of their contract, making an attempt to get additional placements.

The label’s mission is to make and release new and reissue recordings by African American blues and jazz musicians and artists working within the African American oral custom, to facilitate profession opportunities for the musicians, whereas each time potential recording materials not previously recorded by the artists, and to introduce blues followers to a wider vary of blues artists than they would otherwise hear, by taking them to clubs in the African American group and by producing particular shows.

When a recording is broadcast (either on radio or by a background music service such as Muzak ), performance rights organisations (such as the ASCAP and BMI in …