Smart Devices to Help Aging Seniors

Aging adults often struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving technology. But thanks to innovations, smart devices are designed to simplify the lives of the users. From senior-friendly tablet to sensory doorbells, the market is filled with smart devices that are aimed at making the lives of elderly popular easy and worry-free.

Today, we are going to share a list of a few smart home devices specially designed for older people.

1.Amazon Echo and Google Home

Amazon Echo and Google Home are devices that can be controlled through voice-command. They serve as digital assistants to users who can perform a wide range of tasks. The user can command the device to make phone calls, play music, read Ebooks, play audiobooks, and much more.

These devices can be synced with other smart devices. Once the devices are connected with Amazon Echo and Google Home, you can control them with an easy voice command. There will be no need to get out of the bed to switch off the light or turn on the fan. You can common Amazon Echo to do that for you.

2.Ring doorbell

Ring Doorbell is a smart doorbell that enables the homeowner to see who is at the door without even going to the door. Ring doorbell can be synced with your user-friendly tablet for seniors. Once synced with your tablet or smartphone, Ring will alert you every time someone comes near your door. Such devices are a must-have for seniors who live alone. They can live carefree of burglars and other miscreants.

3. MedMinder Pillbox

On average, older adults take more than ten medications a year. Keeping tracking of these medicines can be overwhelming for anyone. To ease this task for aging adults, MedMinder has designed a smart pillbox.

This smart pillbox locks the medicines till the time it should be taken. You can fill the medication in this box for a month and set the time and schedule to dispense them. When it’s time to the medicine, the device will beep, and light and the appropriate box will open. The device doesn’t stop at that; if the medicine is not taken, it will send a reminder to the person’s phone via text message.

4. Birdsong Tablet

Birdsong tablet for seniors is easy to tablet that comes loaded with useful features. The smartphone is compatible with seniors who are newbies in the world of technology. The user can make video/ audio calls, send and receive emails, can have access to never-ending content, read Ebooks, and much more. The tablet also mental games for cognitive fitness of the seniors.

5. Smart thermostat

Thermostats that can be scheduled are around for a while now. But recently, intelligent thermostats are helping users access it through smartphones. Smart Thermostats by Honeywell and Nest allow the user to control the temperature of the device through an app. While some models auto-adjusts the heat of the house as per outside temperature. For more control over the device, you can sync it with Amazon Echo or Google Home.

From senior-friendly tablet to smart health tracking devices, there are plenty other technologies and innovation that are making aging a comfortable experience