Insurance for Arts: The Simple Guide to Getting Protection for You Art Collections

One area of insurance that is not always talked about as much as other areas is insurance for arts. From feedback on Collected.Reviews, you will discover that insurance for arts is as important as every other type of insurance – travel, car, and life.

As an artist, you are expected to take steps towards the protection of your art collection by getting insurance. The challenge, however, for many artists who want to do this, based on feedback about insurance companies, has always been knowing how to go about it.

Here, we shall be providing you with a simple guide to getting protection for your art collections.

·       Find out the insurance policy that protects art collection

When looking to get insurance for your arts, it is important that you bear in mind that there are insurance policies that don’t cover art collections. Also, where you come across an insurance that covers art collection, you have to be sure what type of art collection it covers.

Generally, there is the belief by many that once they have homeowner insurance; it automatically covers their art works. No, this is wrong because to have your art collection insured, you must get a separate insurance policy that covers the specific art item you want to have insured.

·       Work with a separate fine art insurance company

Working with a separate fine art insurance company is the next step to follow after you must have identified the insurance policy that covers art collection and the specific items that it covers. There are several advantages that come with working with a broker who in this instance is a separate company. The most important of these advantages is that you get to enjoy personalized attention from the broker. Such insurance brokers can provide you with comprehensive policies that protect your art collections and guide you on how to bring a claim under it.

·       Get the necessary documents

The next step to getting protection for your art collections is to get the necessary documents. The necessary documents here refer to the documents that prove ownership of the said artwork you are trying to insure. You have to prove to the insurance company that you have sole ownership to the artwork that you want to have insured and that it is not a copy of an existing artwork.

Where all the necessary documents are intact, you will take it to the insurance company you want. Also, you would need to get an appraisal form that allows the insurance company to appraise the value of your artwork from time to time.

The decision to have your artwork insured is a very good one. However, you have to know the best way to go about it. This includes finding out the insurance policy that covers art collections and the type of art collection it covers. You will also need to work with a separate fine art insurance company to enjoy personalized dealing.

When this is done, you will then have to provide the insurance company with all the necessary documents that shows that the artwork in question is yours and can be subject to timely appraisal.