3 Electrical Fire Safety Tips You Should Adopt Definitely

According to ESFI, 51,000 fires start every year which causes over 1,400 injuries and $1.4 billion regarding the property damage. However, the more shocking is the data that nearly 500 people die because of misuse of electrical devices or simply because they are careless. Computers, TVs, phones and cables can be deadly for people in case they come in contact with fire. To avoid possible injuries, please try to keep in mind the following steps.

Inspect the condition of electrical wiring

Many people would say now: Hey, but I’m not an electrician! You don’t have to be at all – you only need to have common sense. You simply must, especially if you have dogs, cats or other types of pets, check wirings from time to time. If your Tv’s cable is a bit damaged and it lacks isolation material, turns it off, takes TV’s cable out of the socket. If you don’t have electrical knowledge and you don’t know how to isolate the cable, please call a professional. Having a not isolated cable which runs an electrical device cannot only start a fire but can kill you in few seconds. Think about it!

All flammable materials must be away from sockets and outlets

Flammable materials like petrol or any other similar should not be close to any cables or sockets. Of course, it is not like you cannot put the gasoline can next to your socket in the house. However, you need to be very careful about it, since one wrong move could lead to a potential disaster. It is in your interested to keep things like these away from power circuits in your house. Better to prevent than to cure as they say.

Avoid overloading electrical outlets

One of the leading causes

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for starting a fire in a home is, of course, overloaded circuit. Before you connect too many electrical devices to just one power outlet, make sure you read the maximum power output of your outlet. If its maximum limit is 5.5 kWs, then you must not connect too many electrical devices and overload the outlet. Otherwise, the outlets will start sparking, and that can easily start a fire.