3 most expensive parts of the fire restoration

Fire restoration is hard and demanding work which can be potentially expensive, having in mind all the possible work you need to pay. It is correct that your home will not be ready for you for some time, but after some time you will be able to get into it. However, cost that you need to pay is huge, but it is always better to pay for fire restoration service than for funereal service. So be careful what you are doing at home – the prices are not so low if you want your home to be as good as it was before the fire.

Removing Soot – The hardest and the most expensive part

Removing soot is the hardest thing since you need to do it as quick as you can to avoid permanent soot stains. Stains of soot can be everywhere – from desks and clothes to carpets and appliances. Beside the stains, soot leaves very nasty smell behind, so you need to react quick. If you don’t, it will be much harder to clean later and get rid of the soot.

Deodorization of the house

This type of deodorization is very demanding and you must do it patiently and carefully. Your clothes, carpets curtains will contain the bad odor that you cannot remove by some spray you buy in the supermarket. Deodorization process is also expensive since it involves techniques like ozone treatment, dry cleaning and many more. Additional cost adds because all your items will be transferred to a special facility where the items go to the cleaning. Do the math by yourself and think about it before you leave the stove on.

HVAC systemCleaning your ducts and HVAC system

Thermal fogging is something that professionals use when they need to clean HVAC systems – the smoke stays trapped between the walls and inside the ducts also. It means that every time you turn on the HVAC system, the smoke will go inside your house. To get rid of this, the professionals use a technique called thermal fogging.