What To Do After The Fire – Top 4 Cleaning Tips

Fire in your home will probably cause a lot of damage to the property to that point that you will not know where to start. The number of fire-related problems in the USA is huge, so the professionals decided to present several important tips for the cleaning after the fire took place.

The most important – Be sure that the fire is gone

As they say – safety comes first. Make sure that the fire is gone before you enter the house. If fire police arrived and already got involved in the action, wait for them to give you a sign that is safe to enter the home/building. However, if you are alone and they still haven’t arrived, be 100% sure that the fire is off. Another good tip is to bring the fire extinguisher in case the fire starts again – remember that your safety is the number one priority in the whole mess.

Do not go inside without gear!

Safety gear is the second important thing in this procedure. The air inside the burnt building will be filled with harmful substances and particles, so before you enter, make sure you have: long pants, long sleeve shirts, gloves and mask.

Start cleaning immediately and ventilate the home

pile of electronical devices – technology concept

Soot is very hard to clean, and you don’t want it to sit there for a long time, especially due to its possibility to produce asthma-after-side effects. To get rid of this, turn off your HVAC system (don’t use it, for now, you will need to clean it later) and open every window in the house you have – you will speed up the ventilation process, and all the harmful particles will go out of your home.

Check your electronics and HVAC system

If the devices didn’t have any contact with fire, just wipe them thoroughly, and you are good to go. However, often happens that the inside of electronics is damaged, so be careful. We advise you to ask for a professional electrician to prevent possible harm. After you do this, inspect the HVAC (we advise again to hire a professional) system. You can only change the air filter, but you should leave rest of the work to the professionals.