Inexpensive Universal Active 3D Glasses for 3DTVs, 3D Computer Monitors and 3D-ready DLP projectors.

As much as 50% less  than LC glasses from XpanD®, Philips®, Samsung®,
Vizio®, LG®, Panasonic®, Sony®, Mitsubishi® & Nvidia®.


Stereomedia's History with  3D Electronic Glasses

In 1992, we formed Stereomedia, Inc. to develop, manufacture and market  the first wireless 3D Electronic Viewing Systems for standard home TVs under the Reality® name. Before this, all liquid crystal glasses had to be connected by a wire and we felt the wire was going to interfere with the home viewer's freedom to move around. We sold 11,000 systems and because televisions in the 90's were all in standard definition and not HD, there were technology issues that some people found objectionable. We decided to discontinue manufacturing and concentrate on our core business, professional 3D content creation.


Now, after 20 years,  the old standard definition TVs are beginning to be replaced with sleek, high definition 3DTVs, so we figured it might be a good idea to join resources with our friends at 3DTV Corp and introduce a whole new line of 3D home entertainment products that offered viewers inexpensive solutions to the high cost of manufacturers' glasses. Glasses that were more comfortable, more durable and had one startling feature the other glasses didn't have... compatibility with a variety of TVs, instead of just one.

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Compatible with:
Samsung®, Panasonic®, LG®, Mitsubishi®, Sony®, Philips®, Volfoni®,
XpndD®, Vizio®, Mitsubishi, & Nvidia® 3D Vision Systems.


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