2D to 3D Conversion

We provide 3D content conversion services for both

3D stereo (with 3D glasses)
auto-stereo (without 3D glasses).

Live Action •  Standard Definition • High Definition

Still Photographs • Animation

 Alcatraz Island Prison OriginalAlcatraz Island Prison Original

3D Cross-eyed view

The digital conversion of two dimensional media into three dimensional media is available to clients that might wish to include previously produced 2D footage into their 3D project. These services can re-purpose and make cost-effective expensive, pre-existing productions such as commercial spots and make them available to theatrical and 3D home entertainment venues.

A per frame, per second or per minute rate is impossible to determine until the original material has been reviewed. This is a very labor-intensive process and requires a substantial amount of re-positioning of each of the elements of each of the individual frames, some simple and some complicated and detailed.

For a rough estimate, please feel free to send us a Quicktime sample of the work you wish converted. Estimates are based upon the amount of labor and time required to accomplish a successful conversion.


Commercial Spots • Full-Length Features

Film or Video